Monday, August 30, 2010

My new favorite quote..

This is exactly how I feel this week and what I will keep telling myself all week and through this weekend:

‎"There's only one way to succeed in anything and that is to give everything." - Vince Lombardi

Am I prepared for this bodypump training right now... no not so much lol.  I will be ok though.  I am going to prepare myself as much as I can... I will have the DVD for the new release (which is what I will be training on) tomorrow, so at least I won't go in blind sided.  I am scared... but thank goodness I have a lot of support... especially from the group fitness team at MAC (ironically not even the gym I am doing this through!).  They all want to see me succeed though... and failure is just not an option.  Had I had more time to think about this I prob would have skipped pump training this go round... but it is what it is and theres not going back now!!!

Food so far:
This morning I was running late (its monday lol) so I just had a protein shake.  For lunch I had tuna with a little teeny weeny bit of mayo, mustard, an egg, and pickles.  Snack is peanut butter on a slice of wheat bread.  Im out of bananas.  :(  Dinner is salsa chicken... yum!!  Food will be pretty boring this week... I need to "lean" out some before pump training.  I dont want to go in swollen or bloated or anything like that... so very few carbs and lots of protein!  :) 

My workout schedule this week:
Monday: Pump (am), Combat (am)
Tuesday: Practice pump, run (am)
Wednesday: Pump (am), practice pump (am), practice pump (pm)
Thursday: pump (am), practice pump (am), combat (pm)
Fri, sat, sun: pump training

During the day this week I am working on push ups.  I need to be able to do them ALL on my toes.  I will find out tomorrow how many exactly that is.  I definitely do not want to go into training having to do the pushups on my knees!  :/

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