Me and my journey...

My name is Meredith.  I am 24 years old.  I am currently engaged to the love of my life, Josh.  We have a beautiful daughter named Olivia Rose. 

I live in a small town right outside of New Orleans, La.  Where I live life pretty much revolves around food and alcohol.  It has definitely been one of my downfalls.  You know how we do it in the south... everythings deep fried lol!

So... as far as my weight goes... I have no excuse.  As of today (4/28/2010) I weigh 150 lbs.  I would like to be between 125-130.  I used to be between 125-130.  What happened??  I got lazy.  I got comfortable.  Comfortable?  Really?  Its funny that they call it that... bc this extra fat I carry around is FAR from comfy!!!

I began losing weight right before I found out I was pregnant with Olivia.  So obviously the weight loss stopped there.  After I had her (via c-section) I was so depressed with the way my body looked I didn't even care about losing weight.  All I saw was the stretch marks and the roll of fat falling over my c section scar.  But then one day I decided to look past my looks, something I had basically never done.  Its not just about the 6 pack I want... or the bikni I want to wear... its about runnin around with my daughter and my future kids and future hubby.  Its about being a positivem healthy role model for my kids and for my peers.  Also, its about ME.  Its about getting MY confidence back. 

So here it goes... here is my documented journey to my better health.  Oh... and of course to looking hot as hell in my wedding dress!!!