Monday, July 19, 2010

Running, Bodycombat, and.... pizza.....

I swear sometimes I could just kill Josh.  I have pretty decent will power but sometimes I just give in.  Yea well last night he got pizza... I got baked wings.  I ate my baked wings and all was fine... until this morning.  This morning I decided that pizza for breakfast sounded just divine lol.  So yea I had a slize of Pizza Hut cheese pizza for breakfast.  WTH???  I eat eggs (PROTEIN PEOPLE PROTEIN!!!) for breakfast not pizza!!! 

To make up for the pizza I threw in an extra bout of cardio today.  I went and did c25k week 2 day 2.  I was going to do a little extra but I thought I would die in the heat.  Then tonight I went to BODYCOMBAT!!  Yay I needed my fix!!  I skipped weights today bc I didn't have time so today will be my off day for weights instead of my usual Wednesday.

For dinner I cooked crock pot salsa chicken (yum!).  For a snack I made a choc/peanut butter shake... double yum!!! 

Gabbys bacholorette party is quickly approaching.  I wanted to be bikini ready by then but I doubt it... stupid food.  Its my fault though.  Hopefully I can find a cute tankini though.  I know I work out a lot.. and yea it usually makes up for the bad calories I consume.. but I need to eat better.  Im trying to eat more "clean".  I have got to get this belly fat to go so I can see the 6 pack I bust my ass for almost daily. 

K its bedtime.. nighty night!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

MAC Launch!!

MAC= Manhattan Athletic Club... my gym.  :)

Today was launch day.. which is when all the new Les Mills releases are presested.  I only made it to bodycombat today.  I actually did not think I would like BC44... but I LOVEDDD it!!! 

Me and Kelley after class:

A few days late...

Wednesday was WI.  I was at 140.5... down 3.5 lbs from the previous week!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Today... C25k day 1... Again.

Today I did really good.  I ate well and worked out.  Score!! 

I did legs today and then did c25k day1 and 30 min on the elliptical.  I felt great when I left.  Tomorrow is weigh in day... today starts TOM so Im sure the scale will hate me tomorrow.  We shall see though!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Back at it... the blog I mean!!

Yea I have seriosly been slacking.  I put a lot of time into setting this thing up (IN APRIL) and did not make 1 single post lol!!! 

So its been going good.  Im working out 6 days/week.  I have added a lot of weights into my routine and you can definitely see a difference!  I actually LOVE LOVE LOVE doing weights... its like a beast comes out of me and I just get into this mode and NO ONE can mess with me! 

I don't know whats wrong with me tonight though... or actually the past few days.  I'm feeling kinda down and in a funk and I don't know why.  I just don't feel like myself and its frustrating.  And now even with all my progress Im feeling fatter then ever.  Its my lower stomach thats getting to me.  My arms and legs are shaping up so nicely... but my stomach OMG its horrible.  Im trying to focus more on food bc I know I need to lose the fat.  I feel like a big ol blubber ball lol. 

So I do have lots of things coming up to motivate me though... Aug 6-8 I'm going to the Hard Rock in Biloxi for my friends bacholorette party.  Then Aug 18th I'm a model in a hair show.. yes I said MODEL lol.  Luckily this is for HAIR not bodies.  Aug 20 is Gabby's wedding.  And eventually I need to do my engagement pics lol.

As far as working out today I did upper body and combat for cardio.  I was kinda in a rush so I didn't do as much on the weights as I usually do.  Tomorrow will be legs and elliptical.  I might go for a run at the park with Olivia too.  I really need to step it up this month with all these things coming up shortly!!

And I am LOVING Eminem for my workouts.  He seriously just puts me in the mode I need to be in to focus on what I want.  I love him!!