Friday, August 27, 2010

What have I gotten myself into?!

Les Mills BodyPump Instructor Training.  Thats what I got myself into!!  Im trying not to doubt myself... but I dunno... Im stressing over it more minute by minute!  If I had like a month or more to prepare myself Id be ok... but um yea I have a WEEK!  Training starts Fri sept 3 and continues through until Saturday.  Each day is 9 long hours of training.  If this were for BodyCombat I would be ok.. but BodyPump worries me.  Its not my "thing".  Combat is my thing... but I figured Pump would help open some doors.... thats if I even pass the training (which considering I paid $335 for it I seriously hope I do lol!).  Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy Pump, I am just not obsessed with it like I am Combat.

I know I am outgoing enough to teach a class... and I am pretty sure I could be decent with the choreography... I just really hope I can hang with pump.  So this whole week will be all about practicing pump starting tomorrow morning.  For the next 9 days I will be eating, breathing, and sleeping BodyPump.

If I pass and do get certified this will open a lot of doors though.  My foot will be in the group fitness instructor world, and even better the Les Mills Fitness Instructor World.  Many people ask my why I don't get into fitness as my career... Im seriously considering it.  I know I am definitely getting my ACE certification for personal trainer.  Its something I originally wanted to do for knowlefge... but hey it can also be a good back up plan right?!  The legal field is hard to get into right now... my Dad is a lawyer and he can't even help me lol.

Hopefully tonight I can calm myself down about the whole Pump thing and go into class tomorrow morning ready to get in the mindframe I need to be in.  I know if I go into it like this I will fail.  I don't take failure very well!

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