Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ahhhh I skipped my workout!!! :(

Bleh I HATE HATE when I skip my workouts.  It throws off my WHOLE day.  To top it off I am leaving tomorrow morning to go to Biloxi for Gabby's bacholorette party.  Im thinking tomorrow I will get up early and go for a run or something.  I don't know what I am going to do with myself Saturday without bodycombat.  This Saturday will be the FIRST time since January that I missed a Saturday morning bodycombat class.  Yikes.  I might download the tracklist and do my own bodycombat on the beach lol!!

So I am planning on posting some before and now pics.  I know I need to... and I know it will help me.  I plan on including measurements with the pics. 

After the bacholorette party I know I will have damage control to do.  I am not going to kid myself... there will be drinking... lots of drinking.  So once I get back it will be back on track x2!!  Now I am not saying I am going to go crazy and eat everything in site... I'm just saying I know this weekend will be one BIG party.  And I must say... I am quite excited!!!

Oh and just so I can get some kind of work out in I do have my kettle bell packed and running shoes and work out clothes... I will get some kind of activity again.  I never ran on the beach before... that sounds like fun!

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