Wednesday, August 4, 2010

WI Day

BLEH.  My body does not respond well to ONE bad day.  Up to 141 today.  :(  Makes me sad to see 140s again.  And I know it won't get better after this weekend.  Its ok though... I will continue to work out and just stay positive and have lots and lots of fun this weekend.

This weekend is Gabby's bacholoretter party.  We are going to the Hard Rock in Biloxi.  Sunday is DETOXX by the pool at The Hard Rock!  Party party party!!! 

Today is RPM day and I am super excited!  Last week Gil (my fav RPM instructor) was not there... and I won't lie I was not into as much as I am when he is there.  So tonight I will get to breathless!!  Earn it to burn it!!!

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