Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hey remember me??

Yea me either...

So where have I been? Well not at the gym!! Ugh!! I did one of the things I swore I'd never let happen... I let a man bring me down. This isn't just any man... He is my fiancee/baby daddy/love of my life. The past month has been absolutely MISERABLE. Thats no excuse for my slacking though. I am supposed to be the pusher, the motivator, and the one who inspires others. But now my Bodypump certification is in limbo... I have to speak to my group fit mgr tomorrow. I have got to remember one of my all time favorite quotes. "Don't give up what you in the long run for what you want in the moment". In the moment I want to be depressed and feel sorry for myself and sit around drinking beer and eating chips and salsa... But in the long run I wAnt to be a Les Mills Bodypump instructor and Bodycombat instructor. Hell I'd even like to be a personal trainer. I can't give that up. When all else fails I have MYSELF and MY dreams and MY goals!!

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